PhiSigmaPi_BetaOmicron Takes the Goslabi Challenge!

PhiSigmaPi_BetaOmicron Takes the Goslabi Challenge!

Watch the video above to see some brave Darius Goes West supporters take the Goslabi Challenge! Team PhiSigmaPi_BetaOmicron sacrificed their taste buds for a great cause and raised funds for DMD research doing it!

You can see how much they raised for the Darius Goes West organization (and still donate!) by clicking the “Sponsor This Spoon” button below. The money is being used to raise awareness and fund promising Duchenne muscular dystrophy research. DMD is the #1 genetic killer of children in the world.


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Wondering what this is all about?
You must be new to the movie and movement known as Darius Goes West. Watching the video below will just about catch you up to speed. And watching the full movie, here, or on DVD might even inspire you to sacrifice your taste buds for the cause!