Will Team Northstar Eat A Spoonful of Wasabi (Goslabi)?!

Will Team Northstar Eat A Spoonful of Wasabi (Goslabi)?!

Want to see us eat a flaming hot spoonful of wasabi? I bet you do! We haven’t done it yet…..but we will.

Just like Darius, from Darius Goes West, we’re looking for a few generous people to sponsor our spoons.

All of the money we raise will go to muscular dystrophy research. You can see our fund-raising goal below. Here’s the deal….


  • Video tape ourselves eating a spoonful of wasabi aka goslabi
  • Post the video to YouTube via the Darius Goes West channel, and send it to everyone who sponsored our spoons for $1 or more
  • Send a DVD-copy of the multi-award-winning film, Darius Goes West, to everyone who sponsors our spoons for $10 or more (see preview below)

To sponsor our spoons, please click the “Sponsor This Spoon” button to the right. You can also help us reach our fund-raising goal by sharing this page.

Team Members: Lexie Belonga (Team Captain), Alisha Gilbert, Hannah Dom, Jelani Smit, Charlie Hower, Taylor Barby, Fred Running, Becca Bell, Amy Carlson Sather, Cherish Kappos, Brenda Xiong, Chase Booth, Skylar Bauer