What if classes around the country joined together to fund a human clinical trial that could save the lives of kids with DMD? The goal of the Know About It program is to inspire at least a 1,000 classes to do just that. The experiment is going to cost $100,000. Our goal is to raise $25,000 this fall and $75,000 in the spring. Will you join us? Read on for more info.

What does the money my class raises help fund?

The DGW ‘Know About It’ fund, through our partner Charley’s Fund, is proud to sponsor the program ‘Pilot Trials Now.’

What is ‘Pilot Trials Now?’

‘Pilot Trials Now’ supports clinical trials for boys with DMD, using re-purposed FDA-approved drugs. Some FDA-approved drugs show significant evidence that they can help boys with DMD. For the past five years, ‘Pilot Trials Now’ has been testing thousands of FDA-approved drugs in DMD-affected cells and, through testing, highlighted 30 drugs that could potentially help boys with DMD. With the help of a pharmacologist and other consultants, they’ve since whittled the list down to 10 candidates. Two of those candidates are now in clinical trials.

More trials are planned, pending necessary funds. The goal of the ‘Know About It’ program is to empower classes around the countries to help raise these funds. For more information on ‘Pilot Trials Now,’ click here.

What does this all mean?

This means that the money raised by your class goes directly to these clinical trials. The more trials funded, the more of a chance of eradicating DMD. Our goal for this semester is $25,000.

What are some ways my class can raise money?

We know the $25,000 figure looks intimidating, but if each class does a little, it adds up fast!! The Goslabi Challenge is a popular way for students to raise money for a cure. Other creative ways that students have raised money for DMD include a Battle of the Bands, a dodgeball tournament, ice cream/bake sale, dress down days and more. For more examples of fundraisers, click here.