Darius Goes West has been appreciated by thousands of classrooms and schools to date. The joy, curiosity and passion that the film evokes in students inspires Teachers to show the film to their students again and again. Read below to see what just a few teachers have said about ‘Darius Goes West.’

“Every school in the country should see this film.”

Mark Wilson, Morgan County High School, Madison, GA
National Principal of the Year

“I have two words re: the effect this film had on my students: Life Altering. Through innovation, perseverance, dedication, self-discipline, and brotherhood, my students were able to see that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you can imagine it and you want it. Darius is a real-life, living, breathing, and talking inspiration. His experience and cause is real-life, and his spirit is catching.”

Kimberly MacNeill, W.R. Coile Middle School, Winterville, GA

“When we showed Darius Goes West, I have never seen our students–all 1000 plus of them–so quiet. Even kids who normally do not care about much at school, left talking about the movie and jumped in on helping with the cause.”

Christine Lightsey, Daniel High School, Clemson, SC

“Showing this film at our school was inspiring and amazing for both teachers and students. The lesson plans that come with the “Know About It” program are wonderful. Do not miss the opportunity for your students to ‘meet’ this incredible group of young men—such role models!!!

Tracie Vitantonio, Mary Bethune Middle School, Cleveland, OH

“As a middle school literacy teacher, I used Darius Goes West as part of a month long social action project my students spear-headed, which included fund-raising, the movie screening, and a school-wide letter drive. It was an amazing event from start to finish.”

Tristan Wright, I.S. 528, Washington Heights, NY

“What I saw was not only an inspiring, heart warming story, but something that was much, much more. The film is about Darius of course, a kid with a fatal disease and his travels across country, except it is not. It is also about those kids that I have been worried about who hold our future in their hands. It is a story about human kindness, love and dedication to a cause.”

Roy Carroll, Clarke Middle School, Athens, GA