Students and teachers can only experience ‘Darius Goes West’ if they hear about it first. So, we’ve provided an easy way for you to tell another educator about ‘Darius Goes West’ and the free DVD program, via the template below. Just copy and paste into your email to link your peers with a free copy (we do ask that participants pay the $3 shipping fee) of the film, lesson plans for their students and more!

Dear ,

Recently, I received a free copy of the multi-award-winning film ‘Darius Goes West’ to show to my students. The film covers important topics like awareness of the world’s number one genetic killer of children, examples of motivated youth changing the world, tolerance, caregiving and more.

Along with the film, I was provided with lesson plans, opportunities for visits from the DGW crew and other ways for my students to get involved in a great cause. Students all over the country have embraced Darius and his story over the past few years.

The DGW organization is offering a free DVD to any educator. This means you! If you’d like a copy, just visit and provide a shipping address.

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